Lord Shiva Visit Gokul to see Baby Krishna

It is said that whenever lord Vishnu has taken avtar lord Shiva use to keep a track of his welfare because of his love towards lord Vishnu.

Just as the Ganges is the best river among all rivers, similarly among all gods Lord Vishnu is the best. Just as Lord Siva is the best devotee among all the Lord’s devotees.

When Lord Vishnu took incarnation as Krishna, Lord Shiva goes to Gokul for a glimpse of Child –Krishna ( just like he went to Ayodhya when Ramji took incarnation ) .

Once Lord Shiva wished also see the manifestation Lord Vishnu  in the form of small child  ( i.e. Krishna ) .Lord Shiva arrived in  Gokul and reached at  the gate of  Nanda’s home.

A maid came out of home and said “These Alms have been sent by Yashodaji, please accept these and give your blessings to the child”. Shiva said “ I won’t accept any thing. I don’t want anything except that I want to see little Krishna”. The maid informs Yashodaji about this. Meanwhile Shiva sings sings
outside ….

“ O Mother! I want to see the face of your little child.In your cradle lies the supreme ruler of the universe.  Show me his face O Mother!”

Yashoda looked outside and said “ Yashoda looked outside and said “’ i won’t bring my child outside you have snake wrapped around your neck that will frighten my child. Shiva said, “ O mother,your Kanhayya is deadly for death. He is Brahma of Brahma. How can he get frightened ? No one can harm him and he also cannot be frightened ? No one can harm him and he also knows me.

Yashodaji said.” What are you talking ? My child is very small. Please don’t be so stubborn. Lord Shiva said“ I won’t go from here until I see the face of your child I’d stay here forever in the state of Samadhi.”

When Kanhayya comes to know that Shiva has come to see him and he’d go in state of Samadhi if i failed to see him. He started started crying loudly because he knew that once Bhole Baba goes into Samadhi. He’d come back after thousands of years from it.

When Kanhayya couldn’t be lulled by any means, mother thought that a great saint was standing at the door and she brought Kanhiyyaa outside the door where kord shiva was there. Shiva saw Krishna and hailed him in his heart but he was not satisfied by it. He wanted to take Krishna in his lap. He said to Yashoda that if she wanted to know about the future of the child she must put him in his lap  so that he could see the lines of  palm proper his palm proper his palm properly. Yashoda puts the child in Lord shiva’s lap. In this way the destroyer and the sustainer of the world unified and whole world sees spellbound .



2 thoughts on “Lord Shiva Visit Gokul to see Baby Krishna

  1. I liked the image “young-krishna-on-lord-shivas-lap” very much. I want to get this image in larger pixel size. I want to print this image in flex of 4ft*6ft and paste it in the temple of lord Shiva. Can you please send me this image in larger pixel size via email. my email id is vkkmr18@gmail.com.
    plz plz plz send this larger pixel image in my email.

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