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Web Hosting Market Competition

Web hosting market is very competitive and people look for best hosting provider and cheap web hosting for which they do hosting companies comparison to host webpage or website. The market is so competitive that the if you purchase a hosting package for one year some reliable hosting companies will even give you a couple of months for free on purchase of a one year package. In choosing a host for your site few things are the key and should always be considered. First of all ask yourself a question and that is how important is the website which you are going to host. How important is its data ?

Server Performance and Downtime of  effect

What would you do in case the server is down ? How much revenue will you lose in case of a power outage? What would happen if the server on which you data is present gets hacked ? What would happen in case of catastrophe of storm or hurricane or Tsunami etc.
Once you answer these question in your mind then you can obviously start your search from there. There are some hosts out there which will offer you very cheap web hosting but the cost of it will unreliability and lots of websites hosted on the server and this would result in the performance being compromised.


Some host offers live telephonic support while other only give you email support. Some offers 24 hours support and while other only offer business timings support. Some hosts have their own data centers while other use data centers of other companies. 
If a host have too many people on a relative weak server than your site is at a risk of going down all the time specially busy times. 
So if yours is a business website which needs to be up all the time with proper backup taken every evening you have to sign up with a host which is reliable and based in a data center which is safe and have back up power supply available at all times.

Cloud Computing

Also there is a new concept emerging now a days and that is cloud computing . You are allocated resource in the servers rather than a physical thing. This concept is becoming more and more popular now. Also web hosting is not just used for hosting websites. Hosting is used for for hosting large enterprise applications. Reason is that some organizations does not like to keep and upgrade hardware all the time. They thus purchase resources at data centers and their people uses that computers on their dumb terminals.
So if you want to choose best hosting provider remember these things. Also you must consider to host in a country you live. For example if you live in USA you must choose a host based in USA and whose data center is located in America to avoid routing delay. This would save your time and the time of people who are browsing you website. They will get advantage and will access it very fast if the data center is near a location which they are physically at.

Some popular and good hosting providers

One thought on “Web Hosting

  1. thanks. being a developer i use hostgator for my websites. I have been using them for over 5 years. It’s one of the cheapest hosting providers and they offer more bandwidth and storage than companies like Godaddy. As far as website speed, hostgator is decent although as with any shared hosting, more traffic will naturally slow down your site. But Hostgator does offer vpn and dedicated servers for websites with higher traffic volume like 100k visitors per month. If anyone needs a coupon code i found this online: 25% off code: WEBHOSTINGGATOR1

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