Resume Writing Tips

How to make a better Resume.

Tips for quality Resume

  • Headings should be consistent
  • Line spacing should consistent across your resume
  • There should not be any underlined content, put that in bold
  • Type of bullet points or numbering should consistent across your resume
  • Your resume should crisp and short
  • Work experience and education section should be in reverse chronological order, means latest experience or education mentioned first
  • Objective section should be brief and give focus to your resume
  • Font types and size are should be consistent across the resume. Use either of Verdana (9-11), Calibri (10-12), Cambria (10-12), Arial (9-11), Lucida Sans Unicode (9-11) or Time New Roman (9-11)
  • Paragraph in the resume should not contain more than 20 words
  • Paragraphs & bullets points should be aligned properly. It suggested that you align paragraphs, bullet points in same alignment
  • Put a summery section in start of the Resume, It should not be too short or too long
  • Your Resume has no punctuation errors related to use of commas, parenthesis, correct case, word repetition, extra space, correct use of vowels etc
  • Your Resume should not have any spelling errors
  • Use bold content to focus important keyword but don’t use too much bold content. It should be less than 20% of your total resume
  • Use appropriate tenses in your resume.  Use past perfect or present continuous tense in work experience, achievements sections
  • Your resume has sufficient soft skills, achievements.
  • Mention the desired functional area and/or industry in objective, summary or personal section
  • Do not repeat the facts in your resume. It is suggested that you remove the repeated facts

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